Frequently Asked Questions


How did you come up with your name?

Once upon a time there was a naughty little girl named Deb Corso.  We won't go into her childhood, but by the time I met her in Kodiak she was no longer pole dancing.  Deb is a very funny person.  Despite my encouragement that she pursue a career in Stand Up,  Deb went back to school and collected a couple of degrees.  When I needed a name for my store I recruited Deb.  She came up with ten good ones, but Buckshot & Bobby Pins won the prize!

How do you ship?

We only ship with the United States Postal Service.  Do you know that in some countries there is no mail delivery?  Do you realize that if everyone uses UPS someday there will no longer be postal service in this country?   I'm opposed to the privatization of public resources (fisheries, as well as mail service.)  When possible we use USPS Flat Rate Priority boxes.

Is Buckshot & Bobby Pins open during the winter?

Yes, for about two hours on Saturdays.  Skagway's population shrinks substantially during the winter months.  I contribute to the shrinkage and spend winters twelve miles away in Haines.  I take the ferry up to Skagway about once a month to check the mail and listen to the answering machine (since it is apparently difficult to train some employees to play messages.)  For this reason email is the preferred method of communication during October-April.

I was in your store during the summer, but it looks like a lot of things you had then aren't on this website.  Can I still order those items?

Yes, and No.  This is a work in progress and unfortunately it will take a while to get every thing posted on the site.  But If you email me a description of your heart's desire (and if it is still in stock) I'll be happy to send it to you!